Big H Skater Profile: Airewheen Ballad

Here's the first episode of our Big H Skater Profile series featuring Team Rider Airewheen Ballad!

Name: Airewheen Ballad
Age: 20
Hometown: Makati

1. When did you start skateboarding/longboarding?
- I started skateboarding in 2012.

2. Aside from skating/longboarding, what else are you doing? School? Work?
- I man the Big H Skate Co. shop in Market! Market! Mondays through Fridays.

3. Goofy or regular?
- Goofy

4. Skate discipline/style? Downhill, freestyle, freeride or just plain cruising?
- I ride downhill, freestyle, and freeride.

5. Signature or favorite trick?
- Ghost flip

6. Favorite Big H Wheels?
- I used to like Proto wheels but now Big H Butter's my new favorite.

7. Favorite spot?
- BGC and 27.

8. Skate essentials? Things that you bring when you skate?
- I always bring my T-tool, backpack, mobile phone, water, and helmet.

9. Person you look up to when it comes to skateboarding/longboarding?
- Lotfi Lamaali

10. Words for people who want to be good in skateboarding/longboarding?
- Just keep practicing and always wear a helmet.


August 5, 2015

The new breed of Big H boards: The Big H FILTER! Created in collaboration with awesome local artists Rob Cham, JP Cuison, Pancho Karambola, and HK Niu.

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